Winter English Word meaning in Hindi

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The leaves fall from the trees and the air becomes cold and crisp. Winter is also a great time to learn new words in Hindi! In this blog post, we will explore the meaning of some common Winter English words that have Hindi counterparts. So bundle up, put on your winter coat, and let’s get started!

Winter Season English Word meaning in Hindi

Blanket (ब्लैंकेट)- कम्बल
Gloves (ग्लव्स)- दस्ताने
Quilt (क्वील्ट) – रजाई
Scarf (स्कार्फ) – गुलबंद, मफलर
Cardigan (कार्डिगन) – कार्डिगन
Jacket (जैकेट) – जैकेट
Trench Coat (ट्रेंच कोट) – ट्रेंच कोट
Hoodie (हूडी) – हूडी

Shiver (शिवर) – कांपना
Bask (बास्क) – तापना
Freeze (फ्रीज) – जमना
Gnash (नैश) – किटकिटाना
Numbness (नमनेस) – सुन्न होना
Cold Wave (कोल्ड वेब) – शीतलहर
Fog (फोग) – कोहरा
Dew (ड्यू) – ओस की बूंद

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