Paytm Payments Bank Login

Paytm’s mobile banking services are available to you in the event that you have a banking account with them.

Paytm’s mobile banking registration can allow you to complete all banking transactions from your smartphone without needing to go to an ATM or branch.

Paytm payment bank

After you have activated the Paytm internet banking mobile, you’ll be able to access the entire banking service, including check balance, transfer of funds as well as payments. via the mobile device you use.

In the past, you needed to go to an ATM or branch to sign up to use mobile banking, however now you can sign up by using our mobile application.

After downloading our mobile application and registering it, you are able to immediately sign up to use Paytm Bank mobile banking and begin performing bank transactions on your mobile.

Sign up and activate mobile banking

applications to utilize the following features of the app:

Register for mobile banking online

You can easily generate a banking PIN online

Check the balance on your bank account

Money can be transferred to any person in India immediately through your account at the banks. Transfer up to Rs. 1,00,000 per day, 24×7. Even on holidays and weekends. There are no fees for money transfers online

You can activate your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account online

Check EPF balance and Passbook

Mobile recharge at any time and Mobile post-paid bills payment

Charge your DTH account

Pay your electricity bill

Pay the gas bill

Pay your credit card bill

Mediclaim (Health Insurance) premium payment

Purchase insurance

View transaction history and the transaction statement

Download App For

How do you register and enable Paytm mobile banking

Download Cointab app for Android or iPhone

Install the app using a the mobile number you have associated with your Paytm account.

Select Paytm to use for your the registration of a bank account

All the bank accounts you have that are registered through Paytm will be displayed in the app.

Confirm accounts to use mobile banking services

All of your bank accounts will be activated and registered to allow mobile banking

Make a banking PIN with the debit card number (you must use this PIN for every transaction)

Following the above-mentioned steps Following the steps above, the Paytm registration for mobile banking is now complete. You can start bank transactions like transfers of funds, account balance check, payment, recharge, bill payments, and so on.

Features of Online Banking

Checking balances on your account

Paytm’s mobile banking service allows you to view your account balance at any time, from anywhere. Simply open our app, choose your account and type in your secret PIN and you’ll view your account balance instantly. It’s a no-cost service and operates 24 hours a day.

Transfer of funds

With Paytm mobile banking, you can transfer money easily anywhere who is in India immediately. You can transfer up to Rs. 1,00,000 per day using bank account. The most appealing aspect of this service for money transfer is that it is available in the evening on weekends, holidays and on weekends. We have a network of more than 140 banks in India for transfer of funds. There aren’t any fees when the transfer of funds from your account.

Mobile & DTH recharge

Online banking services allow users to recharge their DTH or mobile phone. We offer all mobile operators, including Vodafone, Jio, Idea, MTNL, etc. and all DTH providers, including Tata Sky Sun TV, Dish TV etc.

Mobile bill payments electric, gas, and electricity

Mobile banking allows you to pay for your utility bills like electricity, mobile gas, landline water, broadband and more. directly through you Paytm account. We are a partner for all utility companies in India and all payments are processed instantly through the bank account you have. After the payment, your bills will be paid in a matter of minutes and you’ll be notified by your biller.

Payment for credit card bills

Digital banking allows users to pay their credit bill from all banks in India like HDFC, SBI, ICICI, Axis, Kotak, Standard Chartered, Citi, American Express, etc. Payment for bills on credit cards is made in real-time, and your bills are settled immediately by Your Paytm account. After you have paid, you receive an email from your credit card’s bank of the payment settlement.

Payment for premiums and buying insurance

Through our app, you are able to purchase insurance for the first time and also pay on existing insurance policies. You can buy and renew your insurance policy through the bank account you have.

Donate money

Giving money is a noble act. With digital banking, you can also contribute funds to noble causes such like CRY, Save The Children, Indian Army Welfare Fund, Tata Memorial Hospital, and many more.

View the transaction statement

When you make a variety of types of transactions through Paytm mobile banking it is crucial to keep track of transactions, and in the app you’ll be able to see all of your transactions.

Verify EPF account balance as well as EPF passbook

If you deposit funds into your EPF account every month but aren’t sure what amount of balance remains within your EPF account, our app offers this feature that lets you open the Employee Provident Fund account online and instantly view the balances and the balance of your account balance.

Benefits of Digital Banking

There are many advantages for using the mobile banking services, including:

Time savings: You could reduce your time by not having to visit a Paytm branches or ATM and instead complete all bank transactions from your mobile

Cost savings Cost savings: There aren’t any fees to use mobile banking digital services, and transactions are free of any cost.

Security Online banking transactions are completely secure because of the connection to your account via your mobile phone number as well as your PIN for banking.

Multi-Purpose: You can make use of the app to complete multiple financial and banking transactions

Banking Services Security

100 Security of 99% to Paytm Mobile Banking Services:

Bank accounts are tied to mobile numbers. Therefore, only you are able to add your Paytm account onto your phone

Prior to making transactions, you must create a bank PIN. The PIN you need to generate with your Paytm debit card.

To protect your account, you must use a your banking PIN at every transaction.

The app password can be set so that no one will be able to access the application without knowing the app password

A pattern lock or PIN can be programmed to secure your phone, so no one else can get into your phone.

Timing of Online Banking

You can make use of Paytm mobile banking on all daysof the week, including Sunday and Saturday.

You may use the service is available at night, as well.

The services are available on bank holidays and other public holidays too.


To be able to use Paytm mobile banking, you must be able to meet the following requirements

You need to have a current or a savings account with Paytm.

Your mobile number has to be registered to Paytm Bank

You need to have an Android or iPhone mobile phone

You need to have an internet connection, either through SIM card or WIFI

Banking Services limitations

These are the main limitations of the Paytm service for mobile banking:

It is only possible only if your number has been registered with Paytm

It won’t work without Android and iPhone mobile phones.

It will not function without internet access

You can only transfer Rs. 1,00,000 per day per Paytm Bank account

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