Occupation Meaning in Hindi

Occupation meaning in Hindi

Occupation Meaning in Hindi – ऑक्यूपेशन का हिन्दी में अर्थ

Meanings of Occupation in Hindi

Occupation = व्यवसाय
Occupation = पेशा
Occupation = उपजीविका
Occupation = आक्रमण
Occupation = अधिवास
Occupation = धन्धा
Occupation = आधिपत्य
Occupation = ओहदा
Occupation = दखल
Occupation = कब्ज़ा
Occupation = अधिकृत
Occupation = अधिकार

Like painters, metal workers, and quarrymen, a miner cannot eradicate the scars of his occupation.

The organization puts out annual employment counts and wages by industry, occupation, and state.

When an invoice comes in, you route it to the guy in accounts payable, because that’s his occupation.

He had coins struck there that called him king, but there is no narrative record of his occupation.