KLR Login: landrecords.karnataka.gov.in, Karnataka Land Records

KLR Login to Check Karnataka Property Records – Purchasing agricultural land used to be quite stressful and exhausting in the past. But the establishment of the KLR portal by the Karnataka government has made this process considerably simpler than it was before. Citizens will no longer need to frequently travel to government offices to acquire information about their own land because this portal will make it possible to do so with just a few clicks.

landrecords.karnataka.gov.in, Karnataka Land Records

Overview of Karnataka Property Records (KLR)

The portal known as KLR, or Karnataka Land Records allows registered residents to access information on their individual agricultural estates. Once you have registered on the portal, you can log in at any time to get information on your land, including its mutation, Parihara, Mojini-Phody, and authority to purchase additional land statuses. The Bhoomi portal is another name for the KLR portal.

KLR Sign In

KLR Login may cause confusion for many users because there are numerous pages available for it. You must be aware that based on your needs, there are many KLR Login choices you must access.

Here, we provide you with all the crucial KLR Login options you might need for your needs in relation to your agricultural property in Karnataka.

How to KLR Login for Documents View 

By logging into the KLR site, you can access information about your agricultural land.

Step 1: Go to https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/service130/.

Step 2: Enter both the supplied captcha and your mobile number.

Step 3: Select “Generate OTP”

Step 4: Next, enter the OTP and click “Login.”

After logging in successfully, you must choose your precise location, going from district to village. The details of your land can then be retrieved by entering your survey number.

Numerous papers, including an Atlas, a Pakka book, a Tippan, and others, will be accessible to you, but they will all be in read-only mode.

How to log in For Revenue Services

To acquire comprehensive information on all the revenue services, you must visit the citizen portal.

Step 1: Open the website https://www.landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/citizenportal directly. in order to access the portal.

Step 2: Enter your user id and password in the boxes on the left side of the login page.

Step 3: After entering the captcha code that appears, click Login.

You must first establish an account, which you may do right below the login button, in order to obtain your user id for login.

How to login for KLR User wise | mojini v3 login  

You can access your profile to check various facts about your agricultural land after creating your KLR login account and registering for it in the site.

The KLR portal can be accessed by citizens in two different ways. Nadakacheri User and SurveyApp User are the two login options.

Step 1: Go to the KLR direct login page at https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/Service42.

Step 2: Depending on your needs, select one of the two login choices.

Step 3: Enter your username and password.

Step 4: At this point, enter your profile by clicking the Login option.

If you utilize SurveyApp or want to log in to NadaKacheri, you must first complete the portal’s registration process.

Step 1: To register on the portal, go directly to the link https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/Service38/GuestUserInfo.aspx.

Step 2: On the registration page, you must enter all necessary information, including your full name, contact information, and Aadhar number.

Step 3: After entering all the necessary information, click Proceed to carry out the remaining steps and finish the KLR Login registration process.

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