Is Centrum World’s #1 Multivitamin?

A new quiz competition has started on Amazon from December 29, 2023, which is being called the ‘Centrum Multivitamin Powder Quiz’.

Amazon Centrum Multivitamin Powder Quiz Answers

This quiz is available on the Amazon app and will run till January 19, 2024. Three questions will be asked in this quiz, and you can get a chance to win an Amazon Pay cashback coupon by giving correct answers.

The first question is, ‘Is Centrum the world’s #1 multivitamin?’ If you are thinking of participating in the quiz, prepare well and take advantage of this opportunity.

Amazon Centrum Multivitamin Powder Quiz Answers: Win ₹50 Cashback Amazon Pay Coupon

Is Centrum World’s #1 Multivitamin?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Correct Answer: Yes

More Amazon Centrum Multivitamin Powder Quiz Answers

  1. Is Centrum World’s #1 Multivitamin?
  2. How many Indian women may be multivitamin deficient?
  3. How many vitamins & minerals does Centrum Women Multivitamin & Protein contain?