Intermediate drawing exam 2023 question paper

The Intermediate Drawing Exam 2023 is a difficult but rewarding exam that assesses your drawing abilities in a range of topics such as still life drawing, memory drawing, design drawing, geometry and lettering. The exam lasts three hours and requires you to complete four drawings.

Question Paper for the Intermediate Drawing Exam 2023

Section A: Drawing a Still Life

Drawing a Still Life

Draw a still life composition with 7-9 objects that is appealing and balanced. The objects should have a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. To provide depth and realism, use shading and highlights.

Section B: Memory Sketching

Choose one of the following topics and compose a piece from memory:

Memory Sketching

Children enjoying themselves in a park
A bustling street scene
A marketplace stall
A family reunion
Take note of the scene’s elements, such as the persons, objects, and atmosphere. Try to capture the scene’s entire vibe and feeling.

Section C: Design Drawing

Draw a design using the following elements:

Design Drawing

four identical triangles
Two slanted brackets
Flowers in various shapes
The design can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Create a one-of-a-kind and visually appealing design by using your imagination and ingenuity.

Section D: Geometry and Lettering

Geometry and Lettering

Make a regular pentagon with 5cm side length.
Draw an 8cm long line and divide it into 5 equal sections.
Make a triangle with a base length of 5cm and base angles of 65° and 75°, respectively.
Draw a 70° angle ABC and bisect it using a compass (no protractor).
In a bold and beautiful font, write the following: “Jay Jawan/जय जवान”


The exam will last three hours.
To finish the exam, use the drawing materials provided.
All drawings must be made on the drawing paper provided.
During the exam, do not use any reference resources.

Scheme of Assessment:

Drawing a Still Life: 50 points
Drawing from memory: 30 points
Drawing Design: 20 points
10 points for geometry and lettering
Total marks: 110 points

Tips for Intermediate Drawing Exam

  • Begin by meticulously designing your drawings. Make sure you comprehend the composition as well as the intricacies of the scene.
  • Before you begin shading and adding details, sketch out your drawings using light pencil strokes.
  • Take note of the lighting in your sketches. To provide depth and realism, use shading and highlights.
  • Experiment with diverse techniques and materials without fear. The most important thing is to make emotive and visually appealing drawings.

The Intermediate Drawing Exam 2023 is an excellent opportunity to showcase your drawing abilities and originality. You can improve your chances of passing the exam by following the advice provided above.