ICICI Insta Banking

What is ICICI Insta Banking

Insta banking is a new service in the iMobile app of ICICI Bank.

icici insta banking

In this service, you can do a lot of work without going to a bank branch, such as case deposit, case withdrawal and more bank work like this.

One can save time at the branch by filling the necessary forms for various transactions.

iMobile Pay App

For Android

For iPhone

How to use ICICI Insta Banking

  1. Download iMobile App from Google play/Apple app store.
icici insta banking
  1. Login to iMobile App
icici insta banking
  1. Clik to Service Option
icici insta banking
  1. Then clik Instabaking Service option.

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Benefits of Insta Banking

  1. Start a branch transaction anytime, anywhere.
  2. Complete the transaction at any branch as per your convenience.
  3. To execute / complete your transaction, get preference in the branch.

ICICI Insta Banking Service List

  1. Transaction Hinstory
  2. Cash Withdrawal
  3. Cash Deposit
  4. Fund Transfer
  5. Request DD/PO
  6. Update Address
  7. Update Email ID
  8. Email Statement Registration

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