How to Open a BC Account for ICICI Bank

How to open a BC account for ICICI Bank: All VLEs that are registered on Bank Mitra Portal but not working as Bc, have been made available.

BC Account Opening for ICICI Bank

All VLEs interested in working as Bcs should register on Bank Mitra Portal.

This should be confirmed by the relevant DM according to the process.

We advised everyone to register maximum VLEs on Bank Mitra Portal. @

We will continue to add new members as the Bank Mitra Portal Process completes.

This is the State-wise Summary of VLEs, which can be found as follows.

We sent mail to their email id, and also sent a message to their registered mobile numbers of these VLEs.

To activate their account, they must visit the bank branch within fifteen days of opening the e KYC account.

Eight Steps to Become a Banking correspondent (BC) with ICICI Bank

1) Apply with full details/ information for BC on

2) Verified VLE lists will be sent to the bank for approval.

3) Selected VLEs to open an ICICI Bank current account on using CSC VLE id.

4) VLE to undertake Biometric eKYC for and enter the details in the form.

5) VLE will print the (AOF and eKYC response) sign in the designated documents and upload the same in the portal.

6) Current accounts will be opened instantly with the Bank in a Total freeze status.

7) VEL to visit the selected branch for signature upload with the following documents within 15 days of generation of account number:

(i) Original Adhaar Card
(ii) Original PAN Card
(iv) AOF – Signed as per the format
(v) eKYC response from UIDAI
(vi) Copy of PAN Card -Self attested

8) Once the submitted document with the Branch is approved VLEs can Start the work as a Banking correspondent (BC) on using CSC VLE id.

ICICI Bank BC Apply Documents Required

If you also want to become a bank BC of ICICI Bank and want to earn by becoming a Bank Mitra, then you will need the following documents to become a Bank Mitra.

  • Aadhar card
  • pan card
  • Police verification
  • IIBF Certificate
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Driving license or voter ID
  • CSC ID


If the account is not activated within 15 days, the account shall be closed at the backend.
VLE needs to submit a Police Clearance / Verification certificate along with the IIBF certificate to the Banking team of CSC within my line.
CSC SPV or its employees don’t charge any money for generating the Banking Correspondent (BC) code

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