How to find VPA in Google Pay?

VPA refers to the term “virtual payment address. It allows you to identify a specific account unique to the particular account. VPAs are identifiers that UPI provides for account holders to use to pay and perform transactions. A user can own any number of VPAs through the assistance of UPI.

How to find VPA in Google Pay

UPI refers to a Unified Payment Interface, and several popular apps utilize this feature, including Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, and more. It’s beneficial for the user to be aware of the VPAs they have and how to locate the VPAs on Google Pay is a common question asked by many users.

How to find VPA in Google Pay?

Here’s how to see VPA In Google Pay:

Google Pay and other popular UPI payment apps perform transactions using VPAs. Learn more about how to locate VPA for Google Pay below:

Google Pay application is now available. Google Pay application

Click on your profile at the top of the screen that is on your home screen.

Click on the Bank account option.

Choose the account whose VPA you want to use

The desired VPA is available under the ‘UPI ID’ (VPA and UPI ID are identical)

How do I change the VPA to Google Pay?

There could be instances where the account holder would like to switch their user number. Here’s the guide on how to alter your VPA within Google Pay:

Google Pay application is now available. Google Pay application

Click on your profile in the upper right corner of the display of your home page (circle with a photo)

Click on the option for bank accounts.

Choose the account for which VPA needs to be changed.

Choose the VPA that will be applied to the bank account for transactions.

Click on the ‘+’/ pencil icon right next to your UPI ID that you would like to use.

What exactly is VPA?

VPA can be described as a distinct identity provided to each account holder to enable and receive payments. VPA stands for virtual address. VPA is in essence, the sole information needed to complete transactions. VPA can be created through the number on your phone, email address, or even your name. VPAs must be linked to a bank account to make transactions. UPI transactions do not require IFSC codes or bank account information to make transactions. They only need VPA ID. VPA ID.

There’s no requirement to include a beneficiary or payee when registering. It can be a hassle at times. VPA may be called VPA ID, also known as UPI ID. Transactions can be conducted at any time of the day because of VPAs.

VPA full form

A virtual Payment Address (VPA) is a unique identifier that can be used to send and receive payments through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Virtual Payment Addresses are linked to bank accounts and can be used to make payments via apps like Google Pay (GPay).

VPA Handle Name

TPAPHandle Name
Amazon Pay@apl
Bajaj Finserv@abfspay
Bajaj MARKETS (Finserv Markets)@abfspay
Fave (Pinelabs)@idfcbank
Google Pay@okaxis
Jupiter Money@jupiteraxis
Make My Trip@icici
Samsung Pay@pingpay
SuperPay (Chintamoney)@kmbl
tvam (Atyati)@yesbank
WhatsApp*@waicici, @icici
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