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FYERS Login – FYERS Web Login

What is FYERS?

Fyers is a low brokerage stock broker in India. They are among the cheapest stock broker online.

Flyers simple pricing model offers trading across segments for the same flat brokerage fee of maximum of Rs 20 per executed order.

No matter how big your order, Fyers charge a maximum of Rs 20 per executed order.

Fyer doesn’t charge any brokerage in the Equity Delivery segment.

Incorporated in 2015, Fyers Securities is a Bangalore-based online discount stockbroker.

Fyers offers to trade in Equity Cash, F&O, and Currency Derivatives segments at NSE.

FYERS word is an acronym of “Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self”, representing the core values of the company.

The company is founded by young entrepreneurs who believe in building the best trading platforms, being transparent, and keeping the cost of trading at its lowest in India.

Key things about FYERS

  • Is an online discount brokerage firm established in 2015.
  • debuted as one of the fin-tech startups in India.
  • Became popular for their self-made trading platform called Fear’s One
  • Became even more popular with the launch of a unique mobile trading app
  • Is the first fully bootstrapped fintech startup in India
  • is going to launch their next project: The web trader
  • is trusted by more than 5000+ clients in just one year

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