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Smartphones can read two-dimensional barcodes called QR Codes. Over 4000 characters can be encoded in a two-dimensional barcode using this method. In addition to opening a URL, adding a contact to the address book, and displaying content to the user, QR codes can also be used to create text messages. DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED has “QR Code” on file as a trademark.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

With a smartphone, all you need to do is utilize the built-in camera app to read QR Codes.

You can just bookmark the Scan area of our online app on desktop computers. Sending a link, for instance, from your phone to your desktop browser, can be handy.

Do the QR Codes created on this website have a personal use cap?

No! No limitations of any type exist. These QR Code graphics are free to be used however you want, including for profit. Please be aware that DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED has registered the word “QR Code” as a trademark. You must include a trademark comment if you want to utilize it. Details can be found here.

Static QR Codes: What Are They?

Static QR Codes store the information right into the image. You might see them as conventional printed text with a different representation. This means that once the content is generated, it cannot be updated. Due to the fact that the content is directly encoded in the image, their size increases as more content is stored.

How do dynamic QR codes work?

Once created, a Static QR Code’s content cannot be altered. A QR Code that directs users to a static URL that has the actual content (such as the real URL) is referred to as a dynamic QR code. After the QR Code has been printed, the hosted content may be modified.

You can create Dynamic QR Codes using this service after logging in (found under My QR Codes). A URL pointing to your actual content is generated by us automatically. For these Codes, we offer basic view tracking statistics.