Dry Fruits Names with pictures

Dry Fruits Names: Dry fruits are used in many things, it is used in making sweet dishes or any laddu or sweets, even in chicken or mutton dishes.

In dry fruits, people know only 4 to 5 dry fruits name, but here we are giving you the complete list of dry fruits. There are also images with the name of dry fruits.

Dry Fruits Names

Dry Fruits Names Hindi And English

Dates Dried – छुहारा

Almond – बादाम

Anise, Fennel – सौंफ

Apricot – खुबानी, खुरमानी

Arrowroot – अरारोट

Sunflower – सूरजमुखी के बीज

Chia Seeds, Basil Seeds – चिया बीज, सब्जा के बीज

Betel-Nut – सुपारी

Cantaloupe Seeds – खरबूज के बीज

Cashew Nut – काजू

Chestnut – शाहबलूत

Prunes – सुखा आलूबुखारा

Coconut – नारियल

Cadpahnut – चिरोंजी

Currant, Raisin – किशमिश

Dates – खजूर

Dates Dried – छुहारा

Fig – अंजीर

Flax Seeds – अलसी का बीज

Groundnuts, Peanuts – मूंगफली

Lotus Seeds Pop, Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel – मखाना

Nut, Walnuts – अखरोट

Pine Nut – चिलगोजा

Pistachio – पिस्ता

Prunes – मुनक्का

pumpkin Seeds – कद्दू के बीज

Saffron – केसर

Sesame Seeds – तिल के बीज

Sugar Candy मिस्री

Watermelon Seeds – तरबूज के बीज