Common Service Centre (CSC) Login

Common Service Centre (CSC) Login

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What is Common Service Centre?

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is launching a plan for Common Service Centres (CSCs). The step, if implemented, will bring about dramatic changes in digital services.

Here’s what the plan entails:

The introduction of a common national portal for access to government services makes it hassle-free for the end-user.

Adoption of a single-point interface for applications and services which are currently distributed across various government portals.

Integration of e-governance and e-services for common delivery of public services.

Enhanced services to end-users such as priority service delivery and citizen-centric service delivery.

Strengthening existing government services through integration with common service centers (CSCs) enhances their capacity, access to innovative service delivery mechanisms, and solution-driven approaches.

We are setting up a dedicated wing of DoT to look after developing such online tools and the efficiency of common service centers (CSCs).

The initiative is aimed at improving the electronic delivery of services by the department. It will also strengthen the government’s digital initiatives. The idea behind CSC is to create an infrastructure wherein the department can provide different online government services. CSCs will act as central points where people can go and find government services. They can also get their services digitally delivered through CSCs. The e-governance and e-services will be given priority at CSCs.

A simplified procedure has been planned so that service seekers can get the relevant information regarding the services to be delivered. They will be given a single digital ID (Sadha-e-treasury-12) which will also act as the single point of reference for services to be delivered by CSCs.

“There are more than 11,000 e-service delivery portals across the government. The plan is to integrate all these for a single destination for e-services,” said a senior official.

The department hopes that the country would start using this portal to get its services. The portal will have several different portals and has been designed so that different government services will come under it. These portals will support the projects under the joint service center initiative.

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